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tomcat監控系統PSI-probe 2.3.3中文版詳細安裝教程文檔分享




tomcat監控系統PSI-probe 2.3.3中文版詳細安裝教程文檔分享tomcat監控系統PSI-probe 2.3.3中文版詳細安裝教程文檔分享






  NOTE:  By default, no user is included in the "manager-gui" role required
  to operate the "/manager/html" web application.  If you wish to use this app,
  you must define such a user - the username and password are arbitrary.
  NOTE:  The sample user and role entries below are wrapped in a comment
  and thus are ignored when reading this file. Do not forget to remove
  <!.. ..> that surrounds them.
  <role rolename="tomcat"/>
  <role rolename="role1"/>
  <role rolename="manager-gui"/>
  <role rolename="manager-script"/>
  <role rolename="manager-jmx"/>
  <role rolename="manager-status"/>
  <role rolename="poweruser"/>
  <role rolename="probeuser"/>
  <user username="tomcat" password="tomcat" roles="tomcat"/>
  <user username="both" password="tomcat" roles="tomcat,role1"/>
  <user username="role1" password="tomcat" roles="role1"/>

  <user username="sss" password="sss" roles="manager-gui"/>
  <user username="fbysss" password="sss" roles="manager-script,manager-jmx,manager-status,poweruser,probeuser"/>




Note that for Tomcat 6.0.30 onwards, the roles required to use the manager application were changed from the single manager role to add the following four roles. (The manager role is still available but should not be used as it avoids the CSRF protection). You will need to assign the role(s) required for the functionality you wish to access. manager-gui - allows access to the HTML GUI and the status pages manager-script - allows access to the text interface and the status pages manager-jmx - allows access to the JMX proxy and the status pages manager-status - allows access to the status pages only The HTML interface is protected against CSRF but the text and JMX interfaces are not. To maintain the CSRF protection: users with the manager-gui role should not be granted either the manager-script or manager-jmx roles. if the text or jmx interfaces are accessed through a browser (e.g. for testing since these interfaces are intended for tools not humans) then the browser must be closed afterwards to terminate the session.




5.如果要查看System Information,需要在catalina.sh中加入如下語句:


windows版本:catalina.bat中加入SET JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS%


probe有 probeuser、poweruser、poweruserplus、manager(針對不同tomcat版本)等角色,對應可操作的功能如下表:


Features by Role



Context: listXXXX
Context: statusXXXX
Context: view servletsXXXX
Context: view servlet mappingsXXXX
Context: view filtersXXXX
Context: view filter mappingsXXXX
Context: list attributesXXXX
Context: remove attributes XXX
Context: start XXX
Context: stop XXX
Context: view web.xml XXX
Context: view context.xml   X
Context: deploy   X
Context: undeploy   X
Session: listXXXX
Session: list attributesXXXX
Session: search attributesXXXX
Session: remove attributes XXX
Session: view last-accessed IPXXXX
Session: expire single XXX
Session: expire multiple XXX
JSP: list XXX
JSP: view source XXX
JSP: view servlet source XXX
JSP: compile single XXX
JSP: compile multiple XXX
JSP: compile all on deployment   X
JSP: discard all compiled   X
Data Source: listXXXX
Data Source: group by JDBC URLXXXX
Data Source: statusXXXX
Data Source: reset XXX
Data Source: test  XX
Data Source: view query history  XX
Data Source: execute SQL  XX
Log: listXXXX
Log: tail in real-timeXXXX
Log: downloadXXXX
Thread: listXXXX
Thread: view execution stack XXX
Thread: kill   X
Connector: statusXXXX
Connector: real-time usage chartsXXXX
Cluster: statusXXXX
Cluster: real-time traffic chartsXXXX
JVM: real-time memory usage chartsXXXX
JVM: statusXXXX
JVM: advise GC   X
Java Service Wrapper: statusXXXX
Java Service Wrapper: restart JVM   X
System: overviewXXXX
System: propertiesXXXX
System: OS details   X
Quick Check: execute   X



tomcat監控系統PSI-probe 2.3.3中文版詳細安裝教程文檔分享


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